Last spring we were asked to participate in the Bedrock Gardens Fairy and Hobbit House Festival, to raise money for the garden, which is a magical place even without the fairies. (Click here for their  website) We decided, since landscape and design is our focus, to create a fairy garden, both in fairy size, and life size so that the children could experience being fairies for themselves. The trick was to make the garden completely out of natural materials the visible parts, anyway), and to find things that could be represented both in the life sized and fairy sized version.


That proved to be trickier than expected, and we had to resort to tricks like burying a whole Alyssum plant, flowers and all, under the fairy patio, with only a few flowers coming through a hole in a hollowed out stick. This allowed the flowers to stay looking good, as they were still attached to the mother plant. Pumpkins in the life sized version were represented by rose hips in the fairy version. In the end, it all came together, and the crew spent a very enthusiastic morning creating the life sized version.

The focus of the garden is a 30 year old ‘Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick’ tree (Corylus avellana ‘Contortia’) which had died over the course of the last two winters. Secured in a giant Christmas-tree-like stand made of old sweeper parts welded together by one of our creative team, it is the perfect background for the scene, a small branch being just right for its fairy counterpart.



We have called it “Peeper’s Patio”, and we had written a story to go along with it about the fairy who lives there, who changes the trees leaves to red in the fall (Her name is Peeper – as in “Leaf Peeper”) which we are handing out at the event to give the garden some context.

Please enjoy the story, and some pictures. If you are in the area, stop by and see it for yourself!


5 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. We are honored to have such an imaginative and engaging piece at the garden. Can’t wait to see the children’s delight in it. Thank you Wickie and La Brie Landscaping.

    Jill and Bob at Bedrock Gardens


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