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Summer is in full swing, it’s hot, and the novelty of vacation has worn off. Time to think of midsummer activities for the kids. Well, the garden awaits, with lots of things to do to keep young ones occupied, from identifying bugs to crafts, and more. Heck, you never know, there might even be a Pokemon or two out there. (Whatever gets them outside, right?)  What follows are some fun, garden-related activities for kids to relieve midsummer boredom.


Start avocado seeds. Getting an avocado seed to germinate is fun because kids can see the process of a plant growing from a seed on a large scale. Click here for instructions.


Color carnations. Teach kids how plants transport water by coloring carnations. Simply buy a few white carnations at your local grocery store or florist, trim the ends, and put them in containers of water with food coloring. Over the next 24 hours, watch the carnation slowly change color!


Take leaf rubbings. Leaves are all different, and one great way to explore the many different shapes is to take rubbings. Click here for a fun leaf rubbing activity.

Make a scarecrowClick here to learn how to make a great scarecrow. Put it in the garden now, and use it later as a fall or Halloween decoration!


Create a stepping stone. A fun alternative to ordinary pavers, these concrete stepping stones can be personalized with handprints, footprints, and found objects … the possibilities are endless! Click here  to learn how.


Try sun painting. This craft is a bit more expensive, but it is an almost magical way to decorate fabric, and you may find that your Christmas shopping gets finished before you have even have had time to think about it. Using special paints (for sale at craft stores and Amazon) you use plants and found objects to create t-shirts, scarves, placemats… You name it. Simply pin down whatever you want to paint, spray it with water and then add paint. Before it dries, put leaves, flowers, sticks, or other flat objects on top. Let dry, and then remove the objects. The fabric will miraculously be white underneath. For more detailed instructions, Click here.


And finally, although these projects don’t really have to do with the garden, they sound like fun, so we are including them anyway: Fun with kids

So much to do, so little time…




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