Many of us have gardeners on our holiday list, and it can sometimes be hard to think of something to give them, especially if you aren’t a gardener yourself.

Here are five great gifts for the green thumb on your list, and where to get them. We have tried these items ourselves, and find them well worth the money. So, without further ado…

  1. Now, THAT’s a knife! This tool is one of the most versatile tools out there. It has a ruler on the blade, has both serrated and smooth cutting edges, a wire cutter, and more. The sheath is recommended because otherwise it’s murder on the back pocket. It has so many uses that you will never want to be without it. Plus, it makes you feel powerful and up to any garden task! At $29.99 for both the knife and sheath, it’s a bargain. Available at A.M. Leonard. Click here to order.



2. Subscriptions to Gardening magazines. During the long winter, it’s wonderful to sit back with a cup of coffee and immerse yourself in plans for the upcoming gardening season. Some favorites include:

Garden Gate Magazine This is a great magazine for new and experienced gardeners alike, but is especially nice because of the illustrations and the down-to-earth (pun absolutely intended!) articles.


The English Garden. This magazine, although it has wonderful articles, is full of so many gorgeous photographs that you almost don’t need them to get your money’s worth. It is just plain beautiful. And, you can get it either as a print copy or digitally.


The American Gardener This is that magazine that you get if you join the American Horticultural Society, and it’s worth the price of membership alone. But you also get reciprocal admission to lots of gardens around your area, so it’s a win-win!


3) Aerogarden This is a great way to have fresh herbs or greens at home, and it couldn’t be simpler. From the novice to the pro, these little gardens are a lot of fun. Kids love to see how lettuce or parsley can grow without soil, and the greens taste great! No pesticides to worry about, either! There are a wide variety of gardens available, starting at about $65.00.



4)Eco-Smart gloves. These are the most comfortable gloves around. They are great protection for your hands but are breathable and flexible, and are as tough as the recycled bottles that they are made of. Men’s sizes are available as well. $21.99. (On sale for $14.99 as of this writing.)


5) A Great Book The Garden Primer, by Barbara Damrosch, is a must have for every gardener, whether they are just starting out, or have been gardening for decades. Barbara explains the basics in an easy to understand manner, so even the novice can be successful, and the seasoned gardener will enjoy using it as a reference. At under $15.00, it’s a bargain.


Those are some of our favorites… what are yours? We would love to hear from you!





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